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By Josh Feit April 15, 2010

First off: POLITICO picked up our Dino Rossi story today. And our Lusty Lady marquee contest is still hot. "Pelvis has left the building." !!!

We'll announce the winner—tickets to Neumos—tomorrow.


1. Morning Fizz.
2. PubliCola TV: A YouTube interview about the state budget with local lefty think tank, The Washington Budget & Policy Center. (Tomorrow we'll post the interview we did about the budget with conservative local think tank, The Washington Policy Center.)
3. Your daily PubliCalendar.
4. Last Night, ECB teams up with KCTS.
5. RealEstateNerd Jane Hodges with a McGuire update from City Hall.
6. Last Night. I get my wish.
7. Chris Kissel reports from the 34th District Democrats' candidate Q&A.
8. P-Patches. Erica gets her wish.
9. Gov. Gregoire's plan to win federal education dollars.
10. Soundgarden is playing tomorrow.
11. GameNerd is convinced.
12. Today's big 520 news. (Erica's on the phone with Mayor McGinn right now, so expect an update.)

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