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By Erica C. Barnett April 15, 2010

I spent an hour last night holed up in a darkened soundstage at KCTS (the local PBS affiliate), watching Gov. Chris Gregoire take questions from callers and "Ask the Governor" host Enrique Cerna.

What struck me most about Gregoire—and I'm not the first to make this observation—is that she's acting awfully gubernatorial lately. Gregoire does not suffer idiots lightly. When callers asked patently stupid questions ("isn't preschool a waste of money?" guy, I'm talking to you), she invariably responded, "That's a great question" before tearing them a new one.On that preschool question, for example, Gregoire pointed out that when kids go to preschool, "graduation rates go up, teen pregnancy rates go down, juvenile delinquency goes down, higher education rates go up, and kids get better jobs." Translation: Do your homework, dumbass.

Asked what she would like to say to Attorney General Rob McKenna, who has joined a multistate lawsuit to block health care reform—Gregoire said briskly, "I can't allow him to [pursue] a lawsuit in Florida as the voice of Washington State without including the voices of the many Washingtonians who will benefit" from health care reform. "I intend to get my own lawyer" to fight the lawsuit.

Finally, asked if she planned to run for a third term, Gregoire laughed but didn't rule it out. "That would certainly be interesting," she said.

You can read all my live tweets from last night on PubliCola's Twitter feed.
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