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Extra Fizz: McGinn Names 11 Finalists for SPD Chief

By Josh Feit April 26, 2010

This post has been updated with some information on two of the internal SPD candidates.

McGinn sent out a press release this morning naming 11 candidates to replace former Seattle Chief of Police Gil Kerlikowske (currently President Obama's drug czar).

Three of the candidates are currently with the SPD: interim Seattle Chief John Diaz, Assistant Chiefs Clark Kimerer and Jim Pugel.

Kimerer came under fire a decade ago, when a KOMO news reporter filed a complaint with SPD alleging that a police lieutenant had tried to intimidate her out of reporting on a lawsuit against him by calling her boss and saying she was gay. Kimerer, who was responsible for disciplining the officer in the case, concluded that the officer had not abused his position. He was also in charge of discipline in a 1999 case in which undercover officers were violating SPD policy by providing drugs to drug informants. At the time, he wrote the violations off as isolated incidents.

Pugel oversaw the police response to the World Trade Organization protests; a jury later found that the blanket arrest of 147 protesters was unconstitutional.

Here's the list, which also includes three women and an assistant chief from Miami (which is actually a smaller city than Seattle ... who knew?); the Seattle Times has brief bios of all the candidates:

Judy Bradshaw, Chief of Police – Des Moines (IA) Police Department
Rick Braziel, Chief of Police – Sacramento (CA) Police Department
Adam Burden II, Former Assistant Chief of Police – Miami (FL) Police Department
Ronald Davis, Chief of Police – East Palo Alto (CA) Police Department
John Diaz, Interim Chief of Police – Seattle (WA) Police Department
Rick Gregory, Chief Administrative Officer/Acting Public Safety Director – New Castle County (DE)
Clark Kimerer, Assistant Chief of Police – Seattle (WA) Police Department
Anne Kirkpatrick, Chief of Police – Spokane (WA) Police Department
Jim Pugel, Assistant Chief of Police – Seattle (WA) Police Department
John Romero, Chief of Police – Lawrence (MA) Police Department
Lisa Womack, Former Chief of Police Elgin (IL) Police Department

We've got calls out to Seattle City Council Public Safety Committee Chair Tim Burgess and police watch dog Council Member Nick Licata.
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