City Hall

Extra Fizz: Council Cuts Travel Budget in Half

By Erica C. Barnett April 28, 2010

Mayor Mike McGinn didn't respond to our inquiries about his office's travel policies yesterday (city parks director Tim Gallagher resigned Monday amid criticism of his extensive city-funded travel over the past few months), but City Council president Richard Conlin did. Conlin, who instituted a freeze on council travel last year, said that while "there isn't a fatwa" on travel by city council members and staff this year, he has cut the legislative department's $45,000 annual travel budget in half, and estimates that the 87-employee department "will probably spend much less than that" this year.

Conlin headed out last night to Phoenix, AZ, for a conference on food security. The Kellogg Foundation, which is sponsoring the conference, picked up the bill.
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