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Tako Truk's One-Day-Only Revival

By Angela Garbes March 5, 2010

Of all the (suddenly hip) street food vendors that popped up throughout the city last year, Eastlake's Tako Truk was by far the best. Delectable and unexpected taco fillings (coconut-braised pork belly with fried potato sticks, massaman curry beef tongue, octopus and yogurt) aside, Tako Truk's true beauty was that its purpose was the same as the original mobile taco trucks and loncheras that have long been serving food to the people: to feed those who need to be fed, and do it cheaply.

Having helmed the kitchen at Sitka & Spruce for years, Cormac Mahoney, Tako Truk's chef and mastermind (for a peek into Mahoney's amazing mind, read the Weekly's recent two-part interview with him), understood the neighborhood's need for late-night dining.

So last summer, Mahoney took over the 14 Carrot Cafe kitchen on weekend nights (when it was normally closed), set up a walk-up window, and started slinging his tacos, three for five bucks. Neighborhood residents (and many a stumbling customer from the Eastlake Zoo) ate it up, and Mahoney's food sold out nightly. Tako Truk hummed along all summer before going into hibernation in late September. But tomorrow Tako Truk returns—for one day only.

This time around, Mahoney is looking to fill another need: assistance to Haitian earthquake victims. Tako Truk, along with Two Beers Brewing Company, is hosting a benefit with 100% of proceeds going toward sending ShelterBoxes to Haiti. To quote Mahoney on Tako Truk's website:
"ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide. Each kit provides 10 people with the material foundation of shelter, bedding, water, cooking capability, tools and hygiene support.

Each kit is trackable.
Each kit costs $1000.
We want to send as many as possible."

The whole thing goes down tomorrow, Saturday March 6, from 1 pm - 6 pm at Two Beers Brewing Co., 4700 Ohio Avenue S, in SoDo. Minimum donation is $20, which gets you a beer and two tacos. It's a good idea to RSVP and reserve a spot; just email [email protected]
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