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Re: Greg Nickels' New Beard & Special Sessions

By Josh Feit March 8, 2010

Greg Nickels isn't the only politician sporting a beard these days. State Sen. Ed Murray has a new look this session too...

... Or an old look.

Says Murray: "I just grew mine back. I can show you pictures of me in my 20s with my red beard."

Onto more significant matters. Murray—one of the Senate Democratic leaders who's pushing the "millionaires' tax" (a plan to ask voters to approve a 4.5 percent income tax on high-income earners)—says this year's legislative session in Olympia, slated to end this Thursday, will have to go into special session for the plan (also being pushed by Senate Majority Leader Sen. Lisa Brown) to go forward.

The idea is to give voters a choice—go with the 0.3 percent sales tax that the Senate is also pushing (hmmm) or reject that (even lower it from it's current rate) and go with a tax on rich people instead.
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