PubliCola wants to send you to see Seattle hip-hop legends Blue Scholars play The Showbox at the Market this Sunday, an encore to their sold-out Friday and Saturday shows. All you need to do is spend a little time sleuthing on Google.

As everyone is by now well aware, Google recently introduced a bike layer and bicycling directions to their Google Maps website. The developers have been very explicit that it's in beta stage. In fact, when you map out bike directions a message pops up warning users to "use caution and please report unmapped bike routes, streets that aren't suited for cycling, and other problems."

A Cola reader suggested a little contest playing off the beta mapping's glitches and we loved it. So here it is.

Find the worst route suggestion or funniest mapping glitch in Seattle. Did Google tell you to ride up the steepest hill in Seattle? Perfect. Did it have you ride down the viaduct at rush hour? Even better.

The winner, as determined by an expert panel of cynical journalists, will receive two tickets to see the Blue Scholars, 7 p.m. Sunday, March 28th at the Showbox at the Market.

Ground Rules:
- Post a link to the bad directions or funny glitch in the comments (feel free to point out the flaw in your comment)
- One entry per reader
- No dragging your route around to make it worse. If we can't recreate it, it didn't happen.
- Contest ends Friday at 4 pm The winner will be announced shortly thereafter.
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