The LA Times published a story today on the's one-year anniversary. The article takes a look at the new media landscape and gives PubliCola a nice shout out :
The PI and Seattle find themselves in an extreme case of the broadening and flattening of media around the country. More voices and outlets keep staking out niches. No one is preeminent.

In the last three years, the city has seen the emergence of a pair of nonprofit websites, Investigate West and Crosscut, that produce deeper public service and investigative journalism. A new online for-profit, PubliCola, has scored political scoops. And the neighborhood-centric region has spawned a giant school of hyper-local blogs -- many published at

As for the PI, The LA Times lays out the unknowns of the site's "e-model for journalism":
Pre-collapse, the print PI lost as much as an estimated $14 million in a year. Professional journalism could not continue with that sort of bleed out. Now an ad staff of 11 tries to find enough money to make the chopped-back enterprise self-sustaining.

They won't talk money details but acknowledge they're not yet profitable. A sheet of paper posted outside General Manager Pat Balles' office suggested the PI had "booked" $544,000 toward a first-quarter goal of $1.3 million. "Those aren't the real numbers," Balles said of the apparent shortfall, adding only that the site is "on track" to profitability.

The PI has succeeded in maintaining its traffic since the print edition folded. It claims an average of 4 million unique visitors and 40 million page views a month. (The Nielsen ratings agency puts monthly visitors at about half that.)
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