Of course, Jonah Spangenthal Lee at Seattlecrime.com had the scoop.

Seattle police are investigating a man suspected of running a bicycle chop shop in a Lake City storage unit and selling the stolen bikes on Craigslist. Police were called after utility workers spotted a group of men stripping the parts off bicycles in the storage unit vehicle bay.

The PI, of course, picked up Jonah's story. Here's today's PI:
When officers got to the roughly 10-by-10-foot unit, they found it "stacked floor-to-ceiling with disassembled bicycles (frames, wheels, accessories) and recognized them as mostly high-value and some specialized bikes," North Precinct Detective Dain Jones wrote in an affidavit used to obtain a search warrant. "The bikes and parts were stacked in jumbles without any reasonable effort at organization or for concern of damage; they were literally piled in heaps against each other."

One man was arrested for possession of stolen property.
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