Nintendo Finally Shows Off A Groundbreaking 2010 Game

By Sam Machkovech March 30, 2010

Nintendo has taken too long to show off its upcoming Wii sci-fi epic, Metroid: Other M. Even when its Japanese producer came to San Francisco's Game Developers Conference earlier this month to talk about its creation, he hid tangible proof. No longer. Today's stunning video—and why I'm stunned by it—are after the jump.


For a little more than a decade, the phrase "two-and-a-half-D" has described games that employ 3D looks but force players to use a rigid left-and-right path (2D). This video proves that Metroid Other M will take that concept a few steps further.

Sometimes, the camera wraps around in circular paths, and that's cool enough. But did you see when the player held his Wii controller up to the screen, bringing up a first-person view to explore the world in all directions and figure out a puzzle? No game has done that exact 2.5D trick before, and while Nintendo has talked about using that feature in the past, nobody knew quite how it'd work. Boy, does it look cool.

Gaming's cinematic revolution won't come from plots or dialogue; we can press a button to get past those (and typically do). It's about a new level of immersion, as much thanks to control as to art direction and game intensity. Wii Sports went for the latter and nailed it. Metroid: Other M has the former in mind, and I can't wait to get sucked in.
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