Windows Phone 7: Games, Apps, and Netflix

By Sam Machkovech March 15, 2010

Microsoft's MIX10 Conference in Las Vegas has begun to unveil details about the company's forthcoming Windows Phone 7 Series, but the basic takeaway is the same as what I reported last week: lots of apps and games are coming, because they are so easy to translate from existing Microsoft coding platforms (if you must know, XNA and Silverlight). Netflix announced that it's coming to Windows Phones, too, but don't be shocked about that; Netflix has an unofficial goal of eventually working on every Internet device in the world.

Currently, tech sites Gizmodo and Engadget are battling to beat each other to MS's press releases. Click through to either of those for photos and videos, or hit up the MIX10 site for live video of the various web- and phone-development panels.
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