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Last Night: "Thanks For Being A Cool Crowd"

By Sam Machkovech March 14, 2010

Last night, after moderating a music conference panel about online journalism, I hiked across the college town of Denton, TX, along with a few thousand others, to see a free Flaming Lips concert. Both events were part of the North By 35 Music Conferette, a hundreds-of-bands weekend put on by Sub Pop Records artist Chris Flemmons. In case you're wondering, yes, a small Texas town can host a psychedelic freakout like the Lips'--complete with a massive screen that displayed a naked woman spreading her legs to "give birth" to the band as they came on stage--to a polite, adoring crowd of thousands without incident. "Thanks for being such a cool crowd," Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne repeatedly said between songs, and certainly, the buzz-cut slew of Texan security and cops on hand had to agree (or, at least, had to dig how well the band's latest album, Embryonic, translates to a dance-friendly live experience).

Photos after the jump.

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