I had a perfectly fine time at the packed King County Municipal League's 100th Anniversary Awards Ceremony at Showbox Sodo last night: I mingled with 500 civic-minded people. And I heard Peter Steinbrueck heap praise on Futurewise and the Transit Oriented Communities report that I coauthored.

But in a lame attempt to save this from being the most boring PubliCola "Last Night" post ever, here's what I saw after leaving the event out on 1st Ave in Sodo:

Some of those Muni-leaguers really know how to cut loose. This is not your father's Municipal League. Really though, this is not Pike/Pine. Hipsterism is on the move.

Then I got on my bike and rode home to the CD taking more pictures along the way, and that was the best part of last night.

It was right around midnight, downtown, relatively quiet and empty, but not totally empty.

As I came up Pike Street, rhythmic whacks echoing off the buildings could only mean that a plastic-container street drummer was still on the job:

Up in the real Pike/Pine, street food:

Further east, a Pb elemental ghost town:

All quiet in the CD:

Even at 23rd and Union, not a soul to be seen:

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