I spoke at a cool event last night. Central Cinema hosted a revised version of the 1990 Academy Awards (which judged the movies of 1989.)

The 20/20 Awards, as they were called, were organized to set the record straight by showing how inaccurate the annual Academy Awards are—bound by fleeting trends and myopic prejudices of the day.

I spoke about Roger & Me, which won 20/20's "Best Documentary."

Roger & Me—relevant today with its focus on corporate power, heavy job losses, and current bailout poster child GM—wasn't even nominated in 1990.

They serve booze at Central Cinema, so I'm not exactly sure what I said, but I did get a sweet note this morning from Korby Sears (the smart fellow from Seattle School who came up with and organized the event), referencing my apparent comments on  "the economic arc of the last 20 years." Whoa.

I think 20/20 has potential, and I hope it grows into an annual event for Seattle.

I've posted a list of the 1990 winners and last night's winners below the fold.

For a full list of the 1990 nominees and the 20/20 nominees, go here.

Best Picture

1990: Driving Miss Daisy
20/20: Crimes and Misdemeanors

Best Director
1990: Oliver Stone, Born of the 4th of July
20/20: Spike Lee, Do the Right Thing

Best Actor

1990: Daniel Day Lewis, My Left Foot
20/20: Daniel Day Lewis, My Left Foot

Best Actress

1990: Jessica Tandy, Driving Miss Daisy
20/20: Helen Mirren, The Cook, The Thief, The Wife, and Her Lover

Best Supporting Actor
1990: Denzel Washington, Glory
20/20: Martin Landau, Crimes & Misdemeanors

Best Supporting Actress
1990: Brenda Fricker, My Left Foot
20/20: Laura San Giacomo, Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Original Screenplay
1990: Dead Poets Society
20/20: Crimes & Misdemeanors

Adapted Screenplay
1990: Alfrd Uhry, Driving Miss Daisy
20/20: Gus Van Sant & Daniel Yost, Drugstore Cowboy

Best Song
1990: "Under the Sea," Little Mermaid, by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman
20/20: "Fight the Power," Do the Right Thing, Public Enemy

Best Documentary
1990: Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt
20/20: Roger & Me
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