Last Night

By Sam Machkovech March 12, 2010

Last night, I watched—and tweeted furiously with Seattle game companies—as they dominated the industry's most prestigious awards show in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference.

Try as I might, those tweets didn't get me a chair at Penny Arcade's luxurious banquet table. (Penny Arcade, one of six winners from Seattle, won the Ambassador Award for general service including their Child's Play charity program.

The five other little GDC statues are Seattle-bound with local winners 5th CellRunic Games, Valve, and the tiny team behind indie game Closure.

Out of 22 awards,that's not a bad showing, and other categories were loaded with nominees from Belltown's PopCap Games and Redmond's DigiPen game university.

I'll have more on the ceremony, including the interesting acceptance speech from Valve founder Gabe Newell, as I wrap up my GDC coverage today and tomorrow here at PubliCola.
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