Yesterday, to the glee of Cola BikeNerd Josh Cohen and Erica C. Barnett (also a BikeNerd, though not THEE BikeNerd), the "vulnerable users" bill, which would increase penalties against derelict drivers who injure or kill bikers (but had failed earlier in the session), got tacked on to another bill.

It was a swift legislative ploy by Seattle Sen. Joe McDermott (D-34), the sponsor of the vulnerabale users bill, who found a related bill to piggy back onto.

However, later in the day, Republican  Sen. Mark Schoesler (R-17) had the vulnerable users amendment "scoped." Basically, Schoesler wanted to review whether McDermott's amendment actually fell into the scope of the new bill–a bill to teach bike safety in driver's ed classes.

Sen. Schoesler's legislative play worked and the amendment was dropped.

Today is the last day for bills from the opposite house to pass out of the next house. The driver's ed bill came over from the House. If Sen. McDermott wants to pass his vulnerable users legislation he has until 5 0'clock today to rewrite his amendment, make it fit into the scope of the driver's ed bill, get it passed, and then send it back to the House with the amemdment.

BikeNerd and Erica have their fingers crossed.