Today's pick:

1. Alec Ounsworth, who's playing a solo show tonight at Neumos, was once the singer of a band called Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, which, back in like 2005, was one of the freshest hipster bands around. They had a very distinctive, '70s Bowie-meets-New-Wave-bass-lines sound, and featured Ounsworth's voice (exactly like a cracked, wobbly David Byrne) very prominently.

Some time in 2007, they seemed to vanish without a trace.

Ounsworth is back, by himself, with a new fedora and a country rock sound. The songs make less of a nuisance out of his voice than CYHSY did, and without the hipster baggage.

Tonight at 8 pm Neumos (925 E. Pike Street). Tickets are $13 (advance).

On tomorrow's calendar:

1. Yoram Bauman is a UW economics professor, a stand-up comedian, and the author of The Cartoon Introduction to Economics—sort of a textbook-like primer on microeconomics masquerading as a narrative comic book. Sounds great—cartoons can be really wonderful, and economics is the most important and interesting thing going in the entire world, no hyperbole.

Bauman bills himself as a comedian, but his "shows" are really just funny lectures on economics,

which is cool, because he's an environmental economist and likes to explain pertinent things like the difference in effectiveness between a carbon tax and a cap-and-trade system. I watched this nerdy video in one of my econ classes once. It's not quite rolling-in-the-aisles funny, but I could see some classmates contemplating a chuckle.

Tomorrow at 7 pm at the University Bookstore (4326 University Way NE). Free.

2. The Landmark Preservation Board is meeting tomorrow, at which time they will go about the exciting business of raking through the nominations for "historical" designation among a modest-sized list of buildings around the city.

Among those being considered: Washington Hall, an old Danish Brotherhood meeting hall on 14th and Fir in the Central District (it was designated a city landmark in '09 and is reportedly pursuing the national register); the Sorrento Hotel, owned by Capitol Hill developer/Muzak inventor Michael Malone; and the Central Wing of the Harborview Medical Center.

Buildings that have historical landmark status are protected by the city, and have to go through a certification process every time significant changes, like remodeling or demolition, are proposed.

Tomorrow at 3:30, at Seattle Municipal Tower (700 5th Ave), Room 4060.

3. Blood Red Dancers are turning out to be one of my favorite new local bands. Their sound reminds me mostly of the Murder City Devils. They have the lyrical sincerity and confrontational vocalism of country music, except the slide guitars shiver and the drums and bass keep the rhythm with a steely stomp instead of a sway. And they sound really angry. Outlaw emo, you might call it.

They're headlining a show at Neumos tomorrow night, which means the scene is finally giving the band their due.

Tomorrow night at 8 pm at Neumos (925 E. Pike Street). Tickets are $7.