Four Tet, English DJ/ experimental jazz composer Kieran Hebden, is bringing biology class to Chop Suey tonight. His songs are a series of small changes—mutating in contrasts—that build whirling-dervish-style to unexpected and euphoric conclusions. If you want to understand Creationists, try listening to the first 30 seconds of a Four Tet song and skipping directly to the last 30 seconds of the same song. It's like looking at an amoeba then a peacock. How did that happen again?

There is Love in You, Four Tet's newest release, takes his trademarks —jazzy drum breaks, abstract noise clouds—and fits them in the mystic structures of house music. Debut single “Love Cry” builds with the patience of the dance floor and at the four minute mark, a woman's voice repeats the title phrase, then stumbles over itself, inverting and re-inverting into impossible sound pretzels.

Hebden's fascination with moments of musical ecstasy and complete musical submersion, focus his more abstract moments. For Hebden, these epiphanies happen when the listener, in the trance of shifting repetition, feels each note as one glamorous shimmer; when dozens of stumbling sounds sync with inhuman grace. “Angel Echoes” does this with astonishing ease—a female voice is clipped and mechanized, growing wild, dizzied then calm.

Four Tet plays Chop Suey tonight, Feb 23

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