My Effacebook column yesterday had a few comments that indicated that I was being a little oversensitive about what I'd revealed to Facebook, given how much other data gets revealed. Which is why I have to revel in the sheer irony of Please Rob Me.

The site uses the public Twitter feed, a massive firehose of status updates, to pull out any tweet created from the Four Square service that people use to announce their current location. (Personally, it creeps me out to leave bread crumbs about my whereabouts all over the place.)

If you're at a location that you tweeted via Four Square, you are ipso facto not at home. Twitter enabled a Geotagging API months ago, which is a way for developers of third-party Twitter software to grab the coordinates on a mobile device from a GPS receiver or Wi-Fi positioning service and attach that to a Tweet.

Thus, if you Tweet a lot, have location turned on in your Twitter account, and use mobile software with that feature enabled, it would be very easily to pull up where someone lives, and when they are not at home.

(Yet another privacy/security flaw in Google Buzz reveals your location in some circumstances when a browser encounters a malicious URL.)

For instance, this friend in Ithaca has unwarily revealed his location to be in a college campus building. Off to the airport, to steal toilet paper from his home.

[caption id="attachment_27428" align="alignnone" width="456" caption="Twitter can expose (with your permission) where you are."]Showing where someone is via geotagging in a Twitter mobile app.[/caption]
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