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Free Anand Balasubrahmanyan!

By Josh Feit February 9, 2010

You probably noticed we've got a new comments system today—you can reply directly to a comment, creating a separate thread—and you can do stuff like login as your Twitter or Facebooks self.

This is the latest move in our redesign redesign.

We've hired a studious new developer who's moving through our (your) To Do list, and if you bear with us for a just a few more days, we'll have this site making sense soon enough.  HugeassCity and only HugeassCity if you want it, for example. Or just Erica and me on poltical news. Or for the 10 of you that just want the arts Nerds, voila.

And yes. Anand will not be frozen on our homepage anymore. He will be freed.

Free Anand Balasubrahmanyan!

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