Editor's note: This post has been updated.

In a letter responding to Mayor Mike McGinn's appearance on KUOW yesterday, the city employees behind the Working Seattle web site called McGinn out for continuing to target strategic advisors and "senior-level management" for budget cuts. (Last month, McGinn announced that he was putting a proposal to slash 200 strategic advisor and management jobs "on pause" until the mid-year budget process.)

"Calling for reductions in 'senior-level management' is not the solution, regardless of whether it’s integrated into the budget process," the letter says. "We have been suggesting that you assign a target dollar amount to the departments, and have the departments come up with the cuts, after conducting a thorough functional review across all programs and classifications."

The letter also says that managers and strategic advisors are the only city employees who have been asked to do an inventory of their positions; points out that the number of jobs categorized as "strategic advisors" increased because existing employees were reclassified, not because of a huge uptick in political appointments; and suggests that McGinn pick a dollar target for reductions, rather than a number of positions.

As we've noted previously, cutting top-level positions may, paradoxically, hit mid-level managers and recent hires the hardest, because the city's civil service rules protect non-exempt workers based on seniority.

McGinn's spokesman Mark Matassa confirms that the mid-year review will specifically look at strategic advisors and senior-level management positions.
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