Earlier today Erica wrote about a state House bill that would allow local transit agencies to charge a $20 vehicle-license fee to help fund transit. King County Metro is facing a $213 million budget gap in 2010 and 2011. The bill could bring in about $35 million.

The bill cleared the House and state Senate last year only to be vetoed by Gov. Chris Gregoire. This year, transit advocates believe Gregoire would sign it.

However, we've heard from the bill sponsor, Rep. Marko Liias (D-21), that although the bill is queued up in the Rules Committee and ready to be sent to the floor for a vote, leadership might not go for it.

"We've got 24 hours to go," Liias says, referring to tomorrow's cut off for bills to make it out of their house of origin, "but right now it doesn't look good."

Apparently leadership doesn't think the votes are there.

Liias disagrees: "I think the concerns are overstated, if it comes up for a vote, I am sure we would be fine."

It passed the House last year 52-46.
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