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An Over-the-Limit Contribution

By Morning Fizz February 22, 2010

1. Former mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan may have violated campaign-finance rules against late reporting of debts, campaign-finance records reveal.

Under city election rules, candidates must pay off debts within 90 days; otherwise, the debt is considered a contribution to the campaign. Since contributions are limited to $700, any unpaid debt over that limit is an over-the-limit contribution.

According to campaign disclosure documents filed at the state Public Disclosure Commission, Mallahan owed campaign consultant Argo Strategies debts of $2,953, $1,860, and $17,118 as of September 28, October 18, and October 26, respectively. To avoid violating contribution limits, those debts would have had to be paid off on December 29, January 16, and January 24, respectively. Campaign finance documents show Mallahan did not report paying off the three debts until February 4, .

We'll update with information from city ethics and elections director Wayne Barnett and the Mallahan campaign later today.

2. Vancouver-area State Rep. Deb Wallace (D-17) has dropped out of the crowded race for U.S. Rep. Brian Baird's open seat. Wallace also said she's not seeking reelection to the state House. The Columbian has the story.

3. On Saturday, state legislators held town hall meetings all over the state. Here are our reports from South Seattle's 37 District meeting, West Seattle's 34th District meeting, and central Seattle's 43rd District meeting.

After the 43rd meeting, House Speaker Frank Chopp (D-43) stayed to talk with a contingent of UW students about higher ed funding—which took a 26 percent cut last session—and to address their concerns about  a Senate bill (passed, and now in the House) that gives tuition raising authority to the UW. Teo will file a report later this morning.

4. We don't get sex scandals in Seattle too often—much less one at city hall.

So, you can't blame politically active local bar owner David Meinert (also PubliCola's BarNerd) for getting excited about the British tabloid News of the World headlines this weekend starring City Hall aide Ann Corbitt and British soccer star ("snivelling love rat')  Ashley Cole. The tabloid blared: "Sex cheat Ashley Cole begged me to lie. Four hours of sex .. then Cole begged blonde not to tell."

Says Meinert: All week at The 5 Point Cafe, a cheap shot special, "The Ann Corbitt"—Vodka, Rum, Cranberry, Pinapple, 7 Up and Soda Water. $3

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