As plenty of folks might already know, MTV has recently taken a shine to certain local bands as evidenced by their upcoming $5 Cover: Seattle series due to air this spring on the Web.

A local film crew headed by director Lynn Shelton featured 13 bands based in Seattle and naturally, the charismatic boys of Champagne Champagne were included.

At the time of the filming back in August, Champagne Champagne was all over the place and Shelton was smart to include them in the storyline. Other local faves like the Maldives, Thee Emergency, and THEESatisfaction were filmed as well. Shelton recently showed parts of 5 Cover: Seattle at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah last week.

When Champagne Champagne went to New York for the CMJ  music festival in October, they swung by the MTV offices and shot this plug/commercial for  $5 Cover: Seattle where you can learn some random, yet endearing facts about them.

I'm curious if anybody can name the instrument that Mark Gajadhar (sitting on the right) is playing during the group's freestyle session.