The Spirit of Community

By Alexandra Bush January 26, 2010

Last week I wrote about a stand-off between the Northwest Film Forum and SIFF Cinema: In order to spark a debate about exhibition and medium, NWFF had scheduled a 35mm film screening of Planet of the Apes on the same date and at the same time (1/28, 7pm) as SIFF's BluRay screening of the sci-fi classic.

Now, "in the spirit of community," says NWFF Director Adam Sekuler, the NWFF screening has been canceled.  Instead of the panel discussion originally scheduled to follow, the panelists will write an essay for Hot Splice, the NWFF's blog.

[caption id="attachment_24095" align="alignnone" width="421" caption="Still from Eat For This is My Body"][/caption]

In place of the contentious Apes screening, NWFF will use the slot for a very worthy cause:  A screening to benefit earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.  They'll show Eat For This is My Body (Michelange Quay, France/Haiti, 2007), which I saw and loved at SIFF 2008.  The darkly surreal film glides through troubling explorations of race and class, leaving a trail of memorable images in its wake.

Check it out this Thursday at 7pM at NWFF, and don't forget to watch their blog for further discussion on film medium.
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