A longtime opponent of the nightlife industry on Capitol Hill has been cut loose by the city in a move that's sure to please some of City Attorney Pete Holmes' biggest supporters during last year's campaign.

Attorney Tienney Milnor—who worked with police to target problem areas on Capitol Hill and the Central District—sent out an email to neighbors before New Year's Day, announcing that her position had been cut, and that she would no longer be working in the City Attorney’s office.

“Mr. Peter Holmes and his transition team decided to go in another direction with the liaison program and the office,” Milnor wrote. “As an Assistant City Attorney this is something you recognize as a possibility any time there is change in leadership.  At the same time you hope it doesn’t happen to you or other members of the office you have grown to know and respect.”

The four other precinct liaisons are apparently staying where they are. Milnor's duties will be handled, at least for the time being, by West Precinct liaison Jim Kenny.

Milnor's removal shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone who's been following the ongoing battle between nightlife and law enforcement in Seattle over the last two years. Milnor had been a source of controversy amongst members of the nightlife industry for some time.

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