It feels like it's been awhile since the ladies of THEESatisfaction graced Seattle with a proper show. The last time a lot of folks saw them perform was in early December at the Crocodile for Go! Machine. Most folks agree that they totally killed that night. And just about every time they perform, it seems like they get better. You can catch the latest chapter in the THEESatis story at the Crocodile tonight because (man) they're headlining our one-year anniversary party.

Photo by Janae Jones

2009 was an amazing year for the group, and I can't recall a time in my music journo career where I got to watch a group blossom from nervous newbies to main stage status in a mere 12-month span. I could get into the specifics and list shows that were pivotal, but trust me, they're moving at a pace to be the next Seattle hip-hop group that truly breaks out nationally. There's a ton of hip-hop talent in the city at the moment, but the smart money is still on these ladies to catch the rest of the country's ear before anyone else. (Today, in fact, Charles Mudede tweeted about his obsession with THEESatisfaction.)

They've definitely got a lot on the horizon for the upcoming year. Barring the unexpected, they're about a month away from releasing a 7-inch project along side Champagne Champagne and the Members Only crew,  and they have a couple of key shows coming up in February (headlining for the first time at Neumo's, for example, on February 9).

Considering how much buzz they gained over the last year, I was jarred back into reality when I chatted with Cat from THEESatisfaction yesterday, and she told me this is only the second time that they've played the Crocodile. Much less headlined.

"A year ago, we weren't doing this ... we were at Hidmo rocking shows and we were hella gratful for that," Cat says. "And now we’re doing something way different."

Tonight, they say they'll be playing some crowd favorites—"Icing" anyone?—but also pledge to test out a few new tracks.

As you might already know, music for tonight's party starts around 8 p.m. Retro-80s dance werid ones CMYK (with guitarist SexBrains) and arty popsters Song Sparrow Research open. THEESatisfaction goes on around 9:30. If by chance you haven't seen them perform yet, don't miss out.

See you tonight.
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