As we first reported earlier today, Holmes cut loose a dozen attorneys and division heads in the city's law department after his election late last year.

While most of the staff members packed up their things without a peep, one longtime assistant city attorney lashed out at Holmes in a farewell email sent to the 100 or so attorneys in the law department's criminal division on New Year's Eve.

In his letter, which uses a number of former city attorney Tom Carr's talking points, former criminal division head Bob Hood attacked Holmes for his alleged lack of leadership experience and inexperience as a prosecutor, and slammed him for firing law department staffers over the phone:

[I]t is obvious that [Holmes'] decisions [to not "reappoint" numerous city attorney's office staffers] had nothing to do with the budget and we all know it. His discharge of career professionals on short notice within days of the Christmas holidays shows a flagrant disrespect for the office he purports to lead and a contemptuous disregard for men and women who have dedicated years of public service to Seattle.   Surrounding himself with a bloated bureaucracy of new “senior” staff positions while eliminating attorneys with significant criminal justice expertise is hardly a legitimate crime reduction strategy.

Adding a chief of staff, a grant writer, a communications director, and a policy advisor does not hide the fact that Mr. Holmes is without any significant experience as a public prosecutor. We have Rule 9 volunteer attorneys in this office who have more prosecution experience than he does and they know it, we know it, and he knows it too. The Draconian use of fear and subterfuge to try to pacify this Division will not make one who is unqualified an effective leader. Our democratic system may have given him a title, but it will take much more than that for him to earn the respect of those who know a public safety professional when they see one.  Rest assured our democratic system is more than capable of making up for its mistakes.

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