City Council member Tim Burgess says Mayor Mike McGinn has taken him up on his offer, made at last week's prickly Q&A session at the council's annual legislative retreat, to attend some of the council's weekly briefing sessions.

According to Burgess, the mayor's office agreed this morning to attend one briefing session a month. (Briefings are held in the morning before council meetings, and generally involve discussions of the afternoon's council business.) Burgess says McGinn "will sit at the briefing table with us, engage in dialog, [and] ask and answer questions." He calls the mayor's decision "a very good move for both the mayor and the council" and a step forward for transparency and accountability.

Burgess says he's "not at all" worried about the mayor looking over the council's shoulder at briefing meetings.

McGinn's office hasn't yet responded to a question about what the mayor's role will be at the council's briefings.

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