Teo is in Olympia this morning covering the hearing on a bill (being pushed by Planned Parenthood) that would make "crisis prengnancy centers" or "limited service pregnancy centers" disclose exactly what services they provide.

As Teo has reported:
Sponsored by Mercer Island Rep. Judy Clibborn (D-41) and Bellevue Sen. Rodney Tom (D- Bellevue), HB 2837 and its partner SB 6452, responds to complaints that these medical centers   (which often operate as religiously affiliated non-profits rather than medical clinics), mislead patients into thinking they offer a professional slate of services (such as abortion, comprehensive birth control, and full-service medical care for pregnant women,) when in reality they are limited to free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds and pressure clients not to get abortions.

Teo will file a longer post later today, but she emailed in to say things were chaotic at the start of this moring's hearing at the Senate health care commitee— with the pro-choice and pro-life sides out in force wearing "I Heart Pregnancy Centers" or bright pink Planned Parenthood shirts respectively.

There was cheering going on during the testimony, prompting the committee chair, Burien-area Sen. Karen Keiser (D-33) to issue a warning:

"This is a very emotionally fraught and concerning issue for people here. I would like you all to contain your emotions and be respectful of each other. No catcalls, that's the nature of a democracy."

Then Sen. Keiser tried to steer a woman who was testifying against the bill (relating the difficulties caused by her abortion) to "speak to the bill." At that, someone in the audience, presumambly someone wearing an "I Heart Pregnancy Centers" pin, yelled back at Keiser: "She's fine!" urging the woman to continue with her story.
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