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Crosscut On PubliCola's "Nightcap" Debut

By Erica C. Barnett January 19, 2010

Judy Lightfoot over at Crosscut did a nice writeup of the inaugural edition of the new Nightcap series at Town Hall, hosted by Josh and me. (We interviewed newly elected City Attorney Pete Holmes). Here's what she had to say:
Nightcap’s inaugural guest was Pete Holmes, Seattle’s already-controversial new city attorney, who answered questions from Josh Feit and Erica Barnett of, and took questions from the audience of about 40. The event is free; beverages and snacks (eventually food) are no-host.

Town Hall executive director Wier Harman pulled together Nightcap’s debut on short notice. He was fretting about some of the details, such as the lighting, and how to integrate the event when other guests are leaving the hall from events either upstairs (as with this evening) or downstairs. He wants Nightcap events "given over to the community" in a way that can’t happen when the audience is looking up at someone on a Town Hall stage. "I want the levels flattened," he said.

The next Nightcap, at 9:15 at Town Hall on January 27, will feature editor Douglas McClennan interviewing Regina Hackett, the former art critic at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, who blogs at Another Bouncing Ball (and always has something interesting to say). Josh and I will also be hosting Nightcaps every month or so.
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