Hey, Christmas heads: In keeping with Wednesday's post about holiday cheer, I thought I should let you know that tonight marks the beginning of a three-week run of It's a Wonderful Life at The Grand Illusion, possibly the most charming of Seattle's independent movie houses.


This holiday classic is to your local low-operating-budget movie theater what A Christmas Carol is to your local low-operating-budget theater. If you love to watch Jimmy Stewart's nightmarish future visions year after year on television, try checking it out at Grand Illusion instead, perhaps accompanied by a hot chocolate from the Oasis Cafe.

Can't wait to forget about Christmas entirely? Wash those carols out of your ears with the transsexual punk rock serenades of personal favorite Hedwig and the Angry Inch, one of the very few musicals I actually like.

[caption id="attachment_20702" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="The incomparable John Cameron Mitchell as Hedwig"]The incomparable John Cameron Mitchell as Hedwig[/caption]

Hedwig starts a weeklong run at Central Cinema tonight: Have a beer or two to lube up those pipes and sing along!

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