Missing Pets Inc.

December 11, 2009 Published in the January 2010 issue of Seattle Met

KING COUNTY’S TWO animal control centers are slated to shut down by January 31. The Seattle Humane Society has offered to take over the county’s responsibilities. For pets—and pet lovers—the move couldn’t have come soon enough.

Average number of domesticated animals the county’s 46 shelter employees were responsible for each year

Number of animals in the shelters in 2008 that were euthanized, died in care, or went missing

Square footage of many of the shelters’ cat cages, which were often inadequately cleaned of urine and feces

Maximum number of days an animal likely waited in squalid conditions before a decision was made about what to do with it, according to a King County auditor’s report

Cats reportedly euthanized in spring 2008 because employees “didn’t want to look bad” by keeping so many cats in such small quarters during a veterinarian inspection

$5.6 million
Amount spent annually on the unkempt animal shelters

Amount the Seattle Humane Society offered to receive to take on the county’s shelter responsibilities

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