O'Brien as Conlin

By Erica C. Barnett November 13, 2009

[Editor's Note: This was originally posted around noon today. We're moving it up because we love it, and we want it to be at the top of the site.]

Incoming city council member Mike O'Brien stopped by the PubliCola offices the other day to talk about his campaign, his relationship with close friend and incoming Mayor Mike McGinn, and what he hopes to accomplish as a freshman city council member. I'll publish a story on that soon.

For now, here's a snippet from our interview.

Over the course of a months-long campaign, O'Brien has probably heard every candidate's stump speech at least 100 times. So, at the end of our interview, we asked him to pick any candidate in any race, and give us their rap.

He picked council president Richard Conlin. Conlin, a 12-year incumbent now entering his fourth term, has indicated he plans to take back some of the power Mayor Nickels took away from the council over the last eight years. It's not clear where O'Brien fits into that strategy. O'Brien will certainly have to balance his close relationship with the incoming mayor and his role as a council member.

On the other hand: O'Brien and Conlin, both strong environmentalists, are ideological allies and will be the council's two "greenest" members.

If you haven't seen Conlin speak before, trust me: O'Brien's impression (right down to the thoughtful pauses, the rocking stance, and the repeated references to "the great work I've done") is spot on. All he needs is a fleece vest.

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