Press Release Roundup! #4

By Josh Feit September 29, 2009


1) Mayoral candidate Mike McGinn sent out a press release today in response to the city's vote to sign a memorandum of agreement with the state, locking the city into the $4.2 billion tunnel project.

The press release is titled: "City rushing to assume unprecedented financial risk."

Trashing the council for signing off on the state's equation—which saddled the city with any overruns—McGinn's release states:

"Seattle is the only city in Washington state that has ever been held responsible for cost overruns on a state highway project," said McGinn. "It's ridiculous for the state to say that Seattle taxpayers should have to pay all of the cost overruns even though Seattle has virtually no say over the project.  It's even worse that the City Council is going along with it."

[Editor's note: Seattle-area state legislators went along with it too.]

McGinn also grouses that the city and the county are already on the hook for $1.4 billion of the $4.2 billion project.

As we noted in last Friday's Press Release Roundup, the council deserved props for sending its pro-tunnel message to McGinn (maybe the next mayor). We gave the council high marks for that.

Similarly, McGinn deserves props for sending his message right back.

Grade: A

2) Following up on their action outside Mayor Greg Nickels West Seattle home last night, homeless advocates at SHARE/WHEEL are now turning their attention to city counicl member Tim Burgess. "SLEEP OUT TONIGHT 9/29/09 AT CITY COUNCILMAN BURGESS' HOUSE JOIN US!!!!" (Burgess lives in Queen Anne.)

Burgess is a somewhat odd choice given the praise Burgess has gotten from public defenders for protecting anti-crime programs that serve homeless people, such as CURB, GOTS, and CO-STARS that provide housing and treatment facilities to people who create public and safety concerns downtown.

However, it's a dramatic choice too, given that Burgess recently proposed new panhandling rules reminiscent of the former hard line City Attorney Mark Sidran.

And drama is the correct word here. This is bold stuff for Seattle.

Grade: A-

3) And in another exclamation-marked press release, county assessor candidate Bob Rosenberger (slow news day) sent out a statement this morning titled: "Politician Promises To Cut Own Salary!"

Rosenberger, who's running against former port commissioner Lloyd Hara, said he would knock the assessor's salary down $24,000 to $122,000, the rate of the highest paid employee in the assessor's office.

Yeah, it's gimmicky. But WTF? The County Assessor made $146,000. That's almost as much as Robert Mak.

Grade: B

One press release came too late in the day for today's roundup: At 3:15 PM, McGinn sent out his 12,000th white paper announcing a Bold New Plan to do something.
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