Contribution of the Day: Stone Gossard to Joe Mallahan

By Josh Feit August 5, 2009


Stone Gossard

I was mocked yesterday when I gave the "Contribution of the Day" to a retired fellow named Dick Brukhart. I thought it was noteworthy because Burkhart, a longtime dedicated urban transit activist, had endorsed Nickels, but here he was clocking in at $200 to Mike McGinn. He had only given  $13 (?) to Nickels.

Anyway, readers apparently didn't find that one very sexy.

Here's a sex-ay one—and it's not even up at the elections commission yet.

Pearl Jam star Stone Gossard contributed $700 to mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan today. The campaign reports that Mallahan's brother Jim is longtime friends with Gossard (Gossard just played at Jim's 50th birthday party at the Sandpoint Golf Clubhouse), and that Joe Mallahan actually met with Gossard over 10 years ago at Jim's introduction and informally gave the rock and roller some business advice on starting his independent label, Loosegroove Records.

Gossard is also an environmentalist. He is on the board of directors of Portland's Wild Salmon Center and has gotten enviro cred for donating to green causes and paying offset costs for 5,700 tons of carbon emissions that came with touring.

Gossard gave $4,600 to Obama's campaign, and he also donated to to Al Franken's Senate campaign, and Howard Dean and John Kerry's presidential bids in 2004.

Gossard's donation to Mallahan won't show up on the Seattle elections website for a few weeks.
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