Six Packs and Fantasy Scenarios

By Josh Feit April 8, 2009


1. Former Seattle City Council Member Peter Steinbrueck is speaking in front of the Council's land use committee this morning about Mayor Nickels' multifamily code update proposal. Steinbrueck plans to criticize the spread of auto-court "six-pack" townhouses throughout Seattle and push for better design rules. Steinbrueck, of course, is considering a run for mayor.  

2. Yesterday, we reported that Seattle City Council Member Sally Clark's office did not dismiss rumors Clark was thinking about running for mayor. However, later in the day Clark told The Seattle Times that a Sally Clark run for mayor was "a fantasy scenario" and was "pretty darn unlikely." 

3. There's going to be yet another one of those "What does the post-newspaper world look like?" public forums this week. This one is at the Bertha Knight Landes room at City Hall, tomorrow at 7 pm. Two of the post-PI projects—The Seattle Post Globe and Investigations West— will be represented on the panel.
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