This Story Just Keeps Getting Weirder

By Josh Feit March 17, 2009

The story about Gov. Chris Gregoire and the Democratic leadership's investigation into the state labor council's supposedly (although apparently not) suspect email is getting even fishier. (For those just tuning in: Democratic leadership killed a workers' rights bill they didn't support by accusing the state labor council of sending out an unethical lobbying email.)

Well, check this out.  According to a statement clearing the labor council today, the Washington State Patrol simultaneously said it was forwarding its investigation on to the Public Disclosure Commission. The State Patrol said the Commission had asked to review the emails. But the PDC just issued this statement, denying the State Patrol's account:

Olympia - The Public Disclosure Commission today said it did not request materials from the Washington State Patrol concerning e-mail correspondence sent to legislative leaders last week from an employee of the Washington State Labor Council.

“The Commission did not ask for materials concerning the State Patrol investigation or request that the State Patrol send this matter to the PDC for review” according to PDC Executive Director Vicki Rippie.  “We were contacted by the State Patrol late yesterday afternoon and they informed us that they were sending the information to our office.”

“I think it is important that the record be clarified,” Rippie said.

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