Party of Lincoln or Limbaugh?

By ObamaNerd March 5, 2009

rushNo big surprise, but the Republican Party is in trouble.  Chaos, I say!  Their Conservative PAC 2009 Monster Truck Weekend fell flat (loads of empty seats and so much for that diversity facial). The biggest news coming out of it was that RNC Chair Michael Steele and conservative pillpopper Rush Limbaugh had a little spat over who's prettier or something.   Whoopie.   Rep. Yawn and Gov. Snooze also spoke too, I guess.

As a result of the spat and subsequent Michael Steele apology, liberal blogs and O-Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, have been all a flutter that Rush Limbaugh is the de facto leader of the Republican party.  Chalk one up for the "No Shit, Sherlock" column.

'So what' you say?  Why would the media even spend a moment thinking about this when the Dow is gasping for air, the economy is shedding jobs so quickly and The Bachelor has rejected his first choice?  Good question.

Here's my take:  It defies logic that the Republicans are in such disarray and that little morsel is fascinating.  Right now, Obama has put forth huge spending and is pushing an arguably very left agenda.  His inability to get any House Republicans signed onto the stimulus bill was a blip on the radar and should have been a major embarrassment (not delivering on a major campaign promise of ending those partisan games of the past). 

But it turns out that it wasn't an embarrassment.  It's not even denting his approval.  What should have turned into a major rallying cry for the Republicans basically turned into just a bunch of red hot air.  And public opinion of the Republican Party its lowest point ever while Obama's is at his highest.

So my suggestion to the Democratic Party: Glob onto the coattails and help Obama spend his political capital.  He spent a crapload in the first 6 weeks of office and his approval is still in the 60s.  Do it before the Republicans get their shit together and come up with their 2010 version of Contract with America.

Yes, I'm still paranoid. I'm a Democrat.
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