An extra splash of Morning Fizz this AM. 

City Council candidate and former Seattle Super Sonic, James Donaldson, is reportedly getting set to announce that he's running for mayor.

This message went out to his supporters last night: 
Subject: Re: Big Week This Week!

Hey everyone on Team Donaldson!

I hope that you all had a great weekend and that everyone is fine!

This week, I plan to gear up my campaign in a major way!  Stay tuned and let's talk about it this week when you hear the news!  We're going to need tons of volunteers, suppport and $$$.  Please help and support all the you can!

Wish me luck!


I've got several calls out to Donaldson's camp to see what the "news" is.

UPDATE: Local consultant Blair Butterworth, who's in talks with Donaldson about running a Donaldson mayoral campaign, told me that Donaldson is "establishing an exploratory committee today to test the waters."  

Butterworth said Donaldson's candidacy is not a done deal yet, though.

However, other sources say it's going to happen. 

Butterworth added that if Donaldson did go for it the "main issue would be change. You're not going to get different results in this city with the same people."

Christian Sinderman has been the political consultant for Donaldson's council candidacy, but Sinderman also consults for Mayor Greg Nickels, so Sinderman wouldn't be able to work with Donaldson if Donaldson ran for mayor. Thus Donaldson's talks with Butterworth.
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