Sunday Editorial from Tehran

By Josh Feit February 8, 2009

One of my favorite blogs—I guess I should put it on the PubliCola Blog-Rola—is called Tehran Post. It's written by a 25-year-old Iranian who goes by "Persia." 

Persia is a proud Iranian, but he isn't afraid  to be critical of his country's policies and hilariously bitchy  about his fellow Iranians' metro etiquette. (There was a political allegory in that metro post too.)

He also maintains a sharp disapproval of the West.  

Political stripes are tricky to transfer from culture to culture, but if he lived in the U.S., I imagine he would have ridiculed Sarah Palin while also being grossed out by the Odolatry—not to mention the stimulus package pork

Persia's latest post is on Iran's anti-Israeli rhetoric (and pro-Palestinian spending); pre-fab protests in Tehran; Ahmadinejad's foreign policy failures; and by contrast, Turkish PM Recep Erdogan's successes.

And he offers up one of those blogosphere "Deep Thoughts." Although, his deep thought actually is a deep thought:
Erdogan walked out of a Davos session after arguing with Peres. Once again it proved that by engagement, and not isolation, we can speak out and change things for better. It is Turkey, that has relations with Israel and is an EU-membership hopeful- which supports Palestine and brokers peace in the region, not Iran with fiery statements and threats. We have conflated independence and influence with isolation...
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