Top Doctors 2008

Top Doctors 2008 <p>Our Top Doctors issue looks at the future of medicine&mdash;and it&rsquo;s being developed in Seattle, thanks to our bold scientists and stellar research institutions. We journey into the decades ahead to see where their advancements will lead us, and bestow the Golden Stethoscope Awards on 333 outstanding medical practitioners who provide the best care in the present. Next, does Mayor Nickels deserve his evergreen reputation, or are hizzoner&rsquo;s supporters missing the political forest for the trees? And Emerald Downs sets the stage for top jockey Ricky Frazier&rsquo;s courageous comeback. Also in this issue: a dozen ways Seattle can go green, a couple&rsquo;s self-built house in the San Juans, and Ponti&rsquo;s new executive chef keeps it classic.</p>

In this issue:

Arts & Culture


The Divorce Next Door

Once upon a time, two couples with two little girls had charmed parallel lives. And then they didn’t.

12/27/2008 By Emily White


The Human Fish

From Green Lake to Olympic gold, the agony and the glory of Seattle’s greatest athlete.

12/27/2008 By Eric Scigliano


Man of Many Acts

Bumbershoot booker Chris Porter tries to catch the trends, keep it Reel, and always have a backup when Devo bails for China.

12/27/2008 By Kevin Friedman

Eat & Drink


Bee Sweet

Local beekeepers work to keep hives alive.

12/27/2008 By Jess Thomson


Gin City

Of all the gin joints in all the world—we’ve got the best.

12/27/2008 By Anna Roth


Heavenly Hops

12/27/2008 By Jessica Voelker

Editor's Note


A Note from the Editor

Miracle Cure


Health & Wellness

Top Doctors 2008

Future Perfect

Seattle’s cutting-edge biogadgets and novel treatments—think lab-grown heart muscles and robotic limbs—are about to redefine health care. It’s guaranteed to take your breath away.

12/27/2008 With Jessica Voelker and Kelly Huffman By Stefan Durham and Lee Fehrenbacher

Unnecessary Study of the Month

Nature is Good

12/27/2008 By Christopher Werner

Home & Real Estate


Island Fantasy

With a little know-how (and many checklists), Denny and Holly Onslow found paradise.

12/27/2008 By Roger Brooks


Suite Dreams

Accessory dwelling units may benefit owners and tenants alike.

12/27/2008 By Christopher Werner

News & City Life


Wicket Ways

Cross-campus treks. Intentionally ironic attire. Gonzo thwacking. What kind of croquet is this?  

12/27/2008 By Lee Fehrenbacher


Road Rash

A Microsoftie’s favorite sport is bad for the bones.

12/27/2008 By Lee Fehrenbacher


Lord of the Reins

There was a time, not so long ago, when horse racing was dead in Washington State. There was a time when the career of Emerald Downs’ top jockey, Ricky Frazier, was dead too. Hell, there was a time when Ricky Frazier was nearly dead. A story of courage, c

12/27/2008 By James Ross Gardner


Shades of Green

Greg Nickels’s Climate Action Plan brought him global glory as “America’s green mayor.” But is it civic transformation or eco-opportunism? We crunch the carbon counts, probe the mayor’s environmental conversion, and suggest some ways to make Seattle clean

12/27/2008 By Bruce Barcott


Walking Town (or) Pedestrian Peril?

City hall is trying to stop crosswalk carnage and make Seattle safe for pedestrians, but sometimes its strategy seems to be forcing them off the street.

12/27/2008 By Sarah Anderson

Style & Shopping

Style Counsel

In Living Color

A conversation with Maureen Doherty: legal secretary, Reiki master, and world traveler.

12/27/2008 By Laura Cassidy


Bare Markets

When it’s too hot to get dressed, don’t.

12/27/2008 By Rachelle Robinett

Travel & Outdoors


Paradise Redone

Mount Rainier’s Paradise Inn is open again—and summer may never be the same.

12/27/2008 By Jim Gullo