The Most Important Restaurants

The Most Important Restaurants <p>Small plates and gastropubs, tiny restaurants and unrestaurants, here are the 10 most groundbreaking eateries Seattle has ever seen. Plus 20 more, some long gone and some still kicking, that did more than just serve food&mdash;they changed the way we eat. Also in this issue: William Ruckelshaus, the EPA&rsquo;s founding administrator, tries to convince Puget Sound&rsquo;s most profligate polluters to mend their ways; a week in the world of a hardcore videogamer; and an interurban holiday shopping guide leads into the city and through the woods.</p>

In this issue:

Arts & Culture


Their Friends and Neighbors

New Century Theatre Company puts The Adding Machine to work

12/17/2008 By Steve Wiecking


What Flies Beneath

Mountain biking goes sub-terrain-ian at the I-5 Colonnade.



All Dolled Up

When a young girl came home from school in tears, her mother launched an ethnic pride campaign.

12/13/2008 By Terri Chung


Wait, Wait… She’ll Tell You

Comedian Paula Poundstone knows the answers—but not the questions.

12/13/2008 By Steve Wiecking


Field of Screams

The coach Husky fans love to hate finally gets some competition.

12/13/2008 By Matthew Halverson


Bad to the Bone?

Meet Simon. Lean in Closer. She won’t bite.

12/13/2008 By Megan Clark

Eat & Drink


Third Time’s a Charmer

Now in yet another incarnation, Seattle’s most beautiful restaurant goes Spanish.

01/10/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


Machine Love

12/17/2008 By Ashley Gartland


Yes We Cran

Choosing bog berries means voting with your dollar.

12/17/2008 By Jess Thomson


The Restaurants that Changed the Way We Eat

Restaurants open, restaurants close—but once in a great while a restaurant comes along that’s so influential it changes its city forever.

12/17/2008 By Kathryn Robinson


Crouching Waiter, Hidden Chef

12/13/2008 By Kathryn Robinson


2008 Best New Restaurants

IT WILL BE REMEMBERED AS THE YEAR OF SMALL PLATES AND GASTROPUBS, healthy food and simple food, tiny restaurants and unrestaurants, Wallingford and Capitol Hill—and, oh yes, pasta.

12/13/2008 By Kathryn Robinson

Editor's Note


A Note from the Editor

World Views


Home & Real Estate


Practical Magic

Fun with form and function in a Ravenna bungalow.

12/17/2008 By Jessica Voelker


Don't Throw that House Away!

The ultimate green home is a recycled one.

12/13/2008 By Matthew Halverson



Mail from the Metro


News & City Life


A Pilgrim of the Great War

World War I ended 90 years ago this month, and only one American who fought in its blood-soaked battles remains alive today. How did a Seattle man become the foremost memory keeper of that war to end all wars?

12/13/2008 By David Laskin


"I Shall Call It Cletus"

A hardcore videogamer plays God in the 
virtual world of Spore, where omnipotence 
is the mission and survival is for the fit.

12/13/2008 By Emily White


Mr. Clean’s Last Stand

As the first administrator of the EPA, Bill Ruckelshaus banned DDT and got the lead out of gasoline. Now the Republican Party’s most illustrious green faces a tougher task: to save Puget Sound. His cleanup plan hinges on convincing the region’s most

12/13/2008 By Ted Katauskas


Right to Know (or) Right to a Clean Slate?

What’s more important—public access to criminal files, or citizen’s right to clear their names of crimes they’ve been absolved of?

12/13/2008 By Jessica Campbell


Laughing Up a Storm

Forget the satellite data and high-tech Storm Alerts. Seattle’s first weathermen needed just a sketch pad.

12/13/2008 By Rolin Miller


Sustainable is Trainable

Gifford Pinchot’s Bainbridge Graduate Institute sets out to transform business education.

12/13/2008 By Manny Frishberg


Reinvention of the Nerds

Is the Microsoft makeover working?

12/13/2008 By Megan Clark


Lipstick on a Barracuda

Seattle sisters vs. Sarah Palin: It’s the lyrics, stupid.

12/13/2008 By Matthew Halverson

Style & Shopping

Style Counsel

From Russia with Style

A conversation with arts patrons Yelena and Igor Klimenkoff.

12/13/2008 By Laura Cassidy


Living Large

No space? No problem. Here’s how to make the most of your humble abode.

12/13/2008 By Anna Roth

Travel & Outdoors


Rocky Mountain Express

Wake up to Nordic skiing and trainspotting in Essex, Montana, after a sleeper car slumber party.

12/15/2008 By Kathryn Robinson