Food Lovers Guide to Seattle

Food Lovers Guide to Seattle  

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Arts & Culture

On the Town

Seattle Summer Outdoor Calendar 2014

Your guide to sizzling summer nights.

07/02/2014 By Seth Sommerfeld


DOTA 2 Takes Over KeyArena

The world’s biggest video game competition will play out over four days at a sold-out KeyArena this July.

07/01/2014 With Seth Sommerfeld

Eat & Drink

Food Lovers Guide

The Best Places to Shop In the Market, According to Chefsteps

Grant Crilly of culinary website Chefsteps shows us around his favorite Pike Place spots.

07/01/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

The Northwest Flavor Issue

Why Are So Many Chefs Opening Markets?

For the food, obviously. Just not the food on the shelves.

07/01/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

The Northwest Flavor Issue

Profiles: Food Geniuses of Seattle

These individuals are changing the way we make dinner.

07/01/2014 With Kathryn Robinson and Caroline Ferguson By Allecia Vermillion

News Feed

July Restaurant News

What diners are talking about this month.

07/01/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

The Northwest Flavor Issue

Farmers Market Finds with Cult Followings

Produce so incredible, it has its own fan base.

07/01/2014 By Caroline Ferguson

Restaurant Review

Cassis in West Seattle

An erstwhile Seattle bistro classic gets reborn on Alki Beach.

07/01/2014 By Kathryn Robinson

Editor's Note

Editor's Note

Secret Sauce

A goodbye note.

07/01/2014 By Katherine Koberg



Letters to Seattle Met

Precociously fashionable kids and Kshama Sawant’s pragmatism

07/01/2014 By Seattle Met Staff

News & City Life


You Put Your Weed in It

Meet three people pushing the limits of Seattle’s new, tasty, and legally dubious frontier of marijuana edibles.

07/01/2014 By James Ross Gardner

Quote Unquote

YouTube Chef Rosanna Pansino

The secret ingredient in the West Seattle High grad’s weekly YouTube baking show, Nerdy Nummies, is her enthusiasm for geeky pop culture.

07/01/2014 By Matthew Halverson

The Explainer

Smith Tower's 100th Birthday

Look who turns 100 this month! A century after Smith Tower became the tallest building on the West Coast, let's look back at the high points — and a few low ones too.

07/01/2014 By Matthew Halverson


Perfect Party July 2014

Here’s who we’d invite if we could entertain this month’s most interesting visitors, locals, and newsmakers.

07/01/2014 By Seattle Met Staff


Attack! Of the Exceedingly Helpful Robots

Seattle is a world leader in robotics and A.I. research, but don’t worry: The enslavement of mankind won’t start here.

07/01/2014 By Matthew Halverson


Francine Seders, Accidental Art Dealer

Francine Seders showed some of the region’s premier artists at her Greenwood Avenue art gallery. In December 2013, after 47 years, she closed its doors, leaving an indelible mark on Northwest art history.

07/01/2014 By Sheila Farr

Back Fence

Climate Change in Seattle: To My Future Grandchild

By 2050, what kind of Seattle will we have left you?

07/01/2014 By Kathryn Robinson

Urban Upgrade

Capitol Hill: Future Arts District?

The arts community that has made Capitol Hill so desirable—to residents and developers—is in danger. Here’s what one group is doing to try to save it.

06/24/2014 By Josh Feit

Style & Shopping


Schmancy’s Kristen Rask

As Schmancy celebrates a decade in business, owner Kristen Rask admits she made it all up as she went.

07/01/2014 By Kelsey Kaufman

Most Wanted

At Home with Pine and Boon’s Jess Marie Griffith

The leather accessories designer is all about balancing art with craft, and she’ll teach you how to do it too.

07/01/2014 By Laura Cassidy

Travel & Outdoors

Northwest Travel

Bend Is Beer City

Oregon's high and not-so-dry desert town might be the beeriest city in the world.

07/01/2014 By Allison Williams

Sporting Life

Cheasty Bike Trail Controversy

In a battle of hairsplitting environmentalism, bicyclists are facing off against birders in Beacon Hill over the Cheasty Bike Trail.

07/01/2014 By Heather Hansman