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Genetically modified outrage, an online-comment cult, and a self-appointed bus cop.

February 1, 2014 Published in the February 2014 issue of Seattle Met

January 2014
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Genetically Modified Outrage

Oh guns, will you ever cease being such a comment magnet? Our January 2014 story "The Year of the Gun," about dueling gun-law initiatives, drew the ire of at least one reader—and the offending point had nothing to do with guns. Jeff Jawer of Bellevue took issue with our comparison of polling on defeated ballot initiative 522 (which would’ve required labels on genetically modified foods) to polling attitudes on firearm background checks. The story, wrote Jawer in a letter to the editor, “was very misleading. It cited over $30 million spent on the campaign but failed to note that 75 percent of this was from the No side and that almost all of that money came from corporations rather than individuals. Failing to include this fact made this a meaningless story.” 

Dubious Comment Campaign of the Month

For a December 2013 post on our food and drink blog Nosh Pit we told readers that one commenter would receive a free preview dinner at chef Jason Wilson’s Miller’s Guild. The post received 97 comments, making it the most commented-on story in Seattle Met’s history. Every note expressed staggering excitement bordering on religious ecstasy for Wilson’s new hotel bar and restaurant dedicated to cooking meat on a conspicuous, fire-breathing grill.


And the Award for Most Aggressive Transit Missive Goes to…

The person who replied to "The High Cost of Seattle’s ‘Free’ Parking" on our politics blog, PubliCola, by telling writer Erica C. Barnett, “You are one of the abusers of Metro’s monthly pass, which was initially set up for commuting to and from work. Because you use your pass day in and day out—your pass should be triple that of someone that uses the pass for commuting only, and I don’t like paying for you to use your pass in this manner.”

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