The Good Life, The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs, and NBA Votes Against Seattle

Letters to Seattle Met

May 22, 2013 Published in the June 2013 issue of Seattle Met

The Good Life
Love living in SLU—watching the boat planes land. Check out this article via @SeattleMet on 10 Seattle neighborhoods (“Real Estate 2013: The Annotated City,” May 2013).
Jamielyn Wheeler @JamielynWheeler via


Back to Square One
I am so happy to hear about the revitalization of Pioneer Square (“Tracking What’s New in Pioneer Square,” Nosh Pit, April 24, 2013)! It’s such a beautiful and underutilized part of our city, and our history. 
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Pioneering Bakers
Add to that culinary timeline 1972: Grand Central Bakery, starting as the Bakery (“The Food Pioneers of Pioneer Square,” Nosh Pit, March 28, 2013). Four decades in, and still proudly serving Pioneer Square. 
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Square Pizza 
You forgot Pizza Pro (“The Food Pioneers of Pioneer Square,” Nosh Pit, March 28, 2013)! Best pizza in Pioneer Square, and the owners are great. 
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The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs
I hope it opens soon; I’ll be up in a month (“The Wandering Goose’s Michael Law Is Opening His Own Place,” Nosh Pit, April 18, 2013). I still live behind the Front Porch in San Francisco, and it would be nice to try some “Northern” Southern fried chicken.
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Too Close for Comfort 
The real question: Why are they sitting so close together? Just seems uncomfortable (“Amanda Knox’s TV interview Airs April 30,” Culture Fiend, April 25, 2013). 
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Mix It Up
Just reading your May issue “Inbox,” and I’m encouraged to continue a conversation on diversity. As a person of color, I very seldom or ever see in Seattle Met anyone who looks like me or articles that reflect the diversity of our great city. Even the advertising is lacking. If someone living in another city were to pick up the magazine, they wouldn’t have a clue about the unique diversity in neighborhoods, arts, and culture in Seattle. How about creating a new department on cultural heritage in the city or just suggest that writers are more encompassing with a creative finger-on-the pulse when seeking and developing stories. Even quarterly, a guest writer? In the meantime, I’m looking at the Maui insert in the May issue...I’m all about Seattle but really need some sun.
Stephanie, Seattle, via email


May Day Mayhem
I don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s okay for a police officer to spray pepper spray in someone’s face when that person is not threatening the officer in any way (“Last Night,” PubliCola, May, 2, 2013). If all it takes to prevent such behavior by the police is a media badge, then we should all be carrying one. Just in case. 
JanS via


Democracy Inaction
Senator Karen Keiser should not have accepted the “you have an old agenda” statement from senator Janéa Holmquist Newbry (“Isn’t It Bizarre That...,” PubliCola, April 26, 2013). She should have asked to see a printed copy of the claimed new agenda and asked about the genesis of the new agenda to force Holmquist Newbry to say on record that Washington State Labor Council lobbyist Rebecca Johnson was removed because she disagreed with Holmquist Newbry. If Holmquist Newbry could not produce a new printed agenda or answer questions about the genesis of the agenda, then Senator Keiser should have made a big stink and left the hearing. 
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NBA Votes Against Seattle 1
This slows the process and, with the NBA’s good faith, gives Mayor McGinn a good path forward to create a constructive expansion plan (“Monday Jolt: NBA News Hits Mayor’s Race,” PubliCola, April 29, 2013). Voters probably don’t want to endlessly revisit this, so McGinn still keeps the pro-Sonics base and can also nab the “slow down a little” crowd. Dropping the issue and its proponents now is the fastest way to ensure we get no team in the next 10 to 20 years. 
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NBA Votes Against Seattle 2
As long as there is a standing offer by the city to build an arena in SoDo, the issue still remains (“Monday Jolt: NBA News Hits Mayor’s Race,” PubliCola, April 29, 2013). Hansen may very well continue to try to poach another team or shame the NBA into offering an expansion franchise; both might be great, at some other location.  
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12 Moms a-Shopping
Cute slide show of local moms and kids and where they love to shop in their neighborhoods (“Mother’s Day Ideas from Twelve Chic Moms,” Shop Talk, April 26, 2013). 
Seattles Child @SeaChildMag via


The Bad Old Days
“Annoying”? Are you kidding me? Why would it be annoying for heaven’s sake (“Live Music at Sea-Tac Airport: Annoying or Amazing?Tripster, March 25, 2013)? In the day, you used to be able to arrive 30 minutes before a flight, check a bag, walk to the plane, board, and depart. Today, you need to be one and a half to two hours early to get screened, check bags, stand in lines, and get food (to make up for no meals served on flights). Relax and enjoy the music made by an artist who has the talent and confidence to stand up and play to the public. 
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Can You Read Me Now?
What is with the ubertiny font size? With the aging baby boomers and Gen Xers, one would think that by increasing the font a point or two, you’d have happier (and more) readers.
Jennifer Garone, Bellevue, via email

In the May 2013 cover story (“Eat, Play, and Stay on the Waterfront”), we incorrectly stated that there’s just one room on the third floor of the Inn at Port Gardner. In fact, there are three suites and eight standard rooms on the third floor. In the same issue (Mudroom: “The Longest Mile”), we referred to Twinline Motorcycle’s old location in Georgetown; it is currently located in North Beacon Hill.


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