Still Jamming

Sir Mix-a-Lot (Anthony Ray) is a very cordial, down-to-earth person who greets you with a warm smile and a handshake (The Original, May 2012). When you talk to him you realize he is also a savvy businessman. And oh yeah—“Baby Got Back” still puts the giddy in your giddyup. Thanks for the article.

Walter Jackson

Baby Got Class

I have known Anthony Ray (aka Sir Mix-a-Lot) for decades now, and he can be summed up in two words: Class Act (The Original, May 2012). He is witty and funny, and he was a classy guy from the first day I met him. Keep the fire burnin’, Anthony. Great to see you are still producing great music!

Carl Petosa

Close to Home

I enjoyed the story “Should He Stay or Should He Go?” (May 2012) about Pakistan native Zahid Chaudhry’s potential deportation. I was married to an Algerian man who had immigration issues. After years of fighting immigration, visit-ing him at the Tacoma detention site, and making numerous appeals, he was deported. I found somewhere in this process that he was guilty and lied to everyone about what he had done. I do not want to come across as a scorned woman. But it was incredibly painful to have put thousands of dollars, my love, my time, and 10 years of my life invested in someone else’s battle. And then to find out there was much more to the story I learned on my own.

I wish the best for both Zahid and his wife. In life, admitting your wrongdoings and accepting the consequences is a lesson all of us have to learn. If we never learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat it. From Zahid’s comments, I fear that he is destined to be unhappy no matter where he is.

Michelle Samuelson
Federal Way

Neighborly Love

I have met Ann and Zahid Chaudhry (Should He Stay or Should He Go?, May 2012), and if I could choose my neighbors, they would be at the top of the list. The decision in this legal case of the Chaudhrys is a travesty and a grievous miscarriage of justice by the U.S. government. I hope one day soon Ann and Zahid can live in well-deserved peace in their home in Lacey—don’t give up!

Nancy Morris

Welcome to America

I guess if one takes enough time to dig into anyone’s background, there are bound to be some omissions—either intentional or unintentional (Should He Stay or Should He Go?, May 2012). Since 9/11, it appears that whenever there is a Muslim involved, s/he is automatically guilty and must be condemned. We Muslims look at the gross injustice of what the Chaudhrys are made to suffer through and wonder just how American we are seen to be, and whether our children will ever find acceptance here.

Jafar Siddiqui

No Beef with the Beef

Really great beef and red bean combination; I can tell the Off the Rez food truck put a lot of work into it. Thanks for making Seattle a better (tasting) place (Food Truck City: A Day in the Life, May 2012)!

Von Miller

Tasty Trucks

Good list, including some that I’d really like to try (Food Truck City, May 2012). Love Maximus Minimus, Marination Mobile, and Bigfood. The only one I don’t see that I think deserves to be on the list is the Box on Wheels. Best food I’ve had from a truck in Seattle, hands down. I only discovered it a couple of weeks ago, but I will continue to seek it out. Highly recommend it.

Mark Rosasco
Queen Anne

Ice Scream

Bluebird Ice Cream’s new Phinneywood and Fremont shops are simply elegant, but their 1950s milk truck is just ubercool (Food Truck City, May 2012)! Awesome flavors! Snicker-doodle is bliss! Vegan Coconut Mint Chip is without peer. Best coffee ice cream ever! And microbrew beer floats at the Capitol Hill shop!


What’s in a Name?

The chicken at Ma’ono Fried Chicken and Whisky was great, but not a great value, and I won’t be ordering it again (Destination Chicken,). The bartenders’ knowledge of their whiskies was a disappointment for a whisky bar.

Service was sparse and inconsistent, but the homemade Spam and the musubi were tasty. I’ll give them another try in a month, but for now, this place doesn’t live up to the hype—or the price tag.

Paul Swortz

Type Hype

The best typeface ever designed for a city is Amman. In 2008–09 Yanone, a young German graphic and type designer, traveled to Amman, capital of Jordan, to create a custom typeface for the city (Would It Work Here? A New Typeface for the City, May 2012).

Mindi Davis
Capitol Hill

Living Room Rock

I’d never heard of such intimate concerts being open to the public (No Place Like Home(s), May 2012). Very cool! I just got some tix for a show at Empty Sea.

Liz Bromley

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