The Happiest Fairgoer

Came across a pic in Seattle Met of the four-millionth visitor to the 1962 World’s Fair and I just love it (The Future Was Ours, February 2012). It’s so fun and happy!

Jana Early
via Twitter

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Total Recall

I was 17 years old living in Seattle during the World’s Fair and I remember it as if it were yesterday. Not only is 2012 the 50th anniversary of the fair (If We Held a World’s Fair Today, February 2012), it’s also the 50th anniversary of my graduation from Franklin High School.

Joyce Small

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First Glass Trip

I’ve seen and admired Dale Chihuly’s work all over the country (Spring Arts 2012, February 2012). I need to come to Seattle in the next few months and would love to time my trip to see the exhibition when it opens.

Rancho Cordova, California

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Where the Waffles Are

Thanks to Seattle Met for mapping out the tastiest of Seattle’s Belgian bites (Eat This Now: Belgian Waffles, February 2012).

Intentional Table
via Twitter

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Farewell to the Feast Makers

Three beautiful people, talented and young,
Each brought to their table unique food and fun.
Three chiefs in the kitchen creating a feast,
Always with focus, determined and true.
Plating and tasting all with a flair,
Three chefs in the kitchen; no longer there.

(R.I.P. Three Iconic Seattle Restaurateurs, January 17, 2012)

Lee Falco

• • •

Farewell to the Feast Makers, Part 2

In addition to Peter Cipra, Christina Choi, and Carmine Smeraldo, we also lost Daniel Sandal, the man who started Daniel’s Broiler (R.I.P. Three Iconic Seattle Restaurateurs, January 17, 2012). It was a terrible few months for Seattle restaurant icons.

Kari Malone
International District

• • •

An Unforgettable Meal

I’m writing to confirm the story about Peter Cipra (R.I.P. Three Iconic Seattle Restaurateurs, January 17, 2012).

My wife and I took my visiting boss to dinner at Labuznik. We were served by a waitress who we presumed to be new, and who became increasingly flustered because every-thing we ordered from the menu, from wine to appetizers, was not available. We ordered three main dishes. Suddenly, this angry figure was looming over our table as we were immersed in conversation.

He said (not asked), "Do you have a problem." We responded that we did not. He said, "Well I do." He went on to say that he only served two entrees per table because he only had two burners and refused to put food under a heat lamp. While we accepted this as plausible, my boss said he would be okay with the use of a heat lamp because he really wanted a particular dish and did not want to impinge on my wife’s and my choices. Cipra responded, "Well, if you want that dish, why don’t you go to Rosellini’s." My boss leapt from his seat, threw down his napkin, and bellowed, "Sir, we have just been insulted."

At this point, an apparent regular of Labuznik, all bejeweled, sidled over to Cipra, wrapped her fur-adorned arm around his waist and said, "Peter, darling, if you lose some diners to Rosellini’s, then that’s too bad for Rosellini’s."

I persuaded my boss and wife to just order and finish our meal because I really wanted to taste what the fuss was about. It was very good. But the rest of the evening was spent in somber silence with other diners peering over to us as if they were waiting for one final outburst.

And it’s true: None of us became a regular.

Mark Tibergien
New York and Seattle

• • •

City Slickers

People who live north, east, or west of downtown Seattle act like they need a passport to travel south of Boeing Field (Emerald in the Rough, January 2012). There are some great places to eat and great things to do in Burien and Des Moines, for example.


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Home Body

Great Q&A with Tom Kundig on residential architecture (Home. Life. January 2012).

Jared Hass
via Twitter

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Tears for Tuskegee

I am pushing 70 years old and have been flying for 40 years in the light aircraft repair business. I formed a flying school in 1975 and have dedicated my life to keeping pilots and aircraft flying.

I never flew in the military, yet was in the Air Force doing maintenance in the early ’60s. I am a history buff, belong to several museums (including Seattle’s Museum of Flight), and have attended a few of the Tuskegee Airmen programs. I have the utmost respect for this outfit and was delighted to hear the Lucas film was being released (Red Tales, January 2012). I saw it opening weekend and plan on going a few more times in the theaters and acquiring a copy of the DVD when available. My wife and I shed a lot of tears during the show.

I have many pilot friends and former precision-flight team members who were flying fighters and bombers in World War II and have listened to many of their war stories. Many of them have since flown west, and I cherish any time I can spend talking to the few who are left. We lose more of them each year.

I urge anyone to attend any program where these men will be speaking.

Ken Blackman

• • •

Full Speed Ahead

Loved the article on Wikispeed’s 100-mile-per-gallon car (Driven, January 2012). Keep at it.

Gloria Ross
Spring Valley, Ohio

In the February 2012 issue, we miscredited an image to Martin Hull Partnership; it should have read "Miller Hull Partnership."


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