After such high hopes for Ryan Leaf, his career, his legacy, his friends, coaches, and teammates, it’s such a blessing to have answers (“The Redemption of Ryan Leaf Will Be Televised,” October 2011). Most of us have forgiven you, Ryan, and wish you all the best. We all have our crutches and vices. You found yours and fixed what was broken. We should all be so lucky. Keep striving for the excellence you seek, good things will come your way.

Shannon Price

• • •

Back in Action

In all the years I took care of Ryan Leaf’s medical needs at WSU, I told him, “Inside that heart of yours, is a good and kind heart” (“The Redemption of Ryan Leaf Will Be Televised,” October 2011). He was the best of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game for the Cougs. Now he can finally be authentic in character and class.

Mark J. Smaha, 
Former Director of Athletic Medicine, Washington State University

• • •

Election Day Prediction No. 1

Bruce Harrell wins on more than luck ("Seattle City Council Incumbents Defend Their Seats,” October 2011). In both 2007 and this cycle he has had superior fundraising. This year he has received all the major labor and Democratic organization endorsements, he has a huge contingent of volunteers, and he has been the council leader on social justice issues. Plus, if the council and mayor would get on board, his body-camera proposal would be the most significant piece of city legislation in years.

Big Al

• • •

Election Day Prediction No. 2

Out of all the council races, Jean Godden faces the toughest battle ("Seattle City Council Incumbents Defend Their Seats,” October 2011). Bruce Harrell’s opponent couldn’t get an endorsement from an organization he once led, Tim Burgess has been endorsed by his opponent, Sally Clark’s opponent has poor messaging and no name recognition, and Tom Rasmussen’s opponent is a complete novice.


• • •

Back in the Harness

My family has mourned for Eddie’s Eddie Bauer (“Putting the Eddie Back in Eddie Bauer,” October 2011) and is excited to embrace the new Eddie Bauer that knows what the outdoors is truly about.

Connie Winter

• • •

Eye on Eddie

Kudos to Bruce Barcott for a well-written and gripping narrative (“Putting the Eddie Back in Eddie Bauer,” October 2011). Cheers to Neil Fiske for staying focused on Eddie. I was a marketing executive at Eddie Bauer from 2000 to 2001, one of many raising the alarm about losing touch with Eddie’s spirit. Go Neil!

Mark Nassutti
Vashon Island

• • •

Nice Work, Bruce

On a related note, Bruce Barcott has done some outstanding work for Seattle Met, Outside, and Backpacker this year. Bravo.

Kristin Lauver
via Twitter

• • •

Flame Out

We went to Flaming Geyser State Park and, before entering, asked the ranger if the geyser was burning (“30 Perfect Day Trips,” October 2011). He said it was, and we paid the admission fee and entered the park. It is very scenic and nice but there was no flaming geyser. Upon departing, the same ranger said it “must have blown out.” What a waste of time and money!

Jack Moore

• • •

Fur Enough

Your fashion spread ("Fall Fashion 2011: The New West,” October 2011) had some lovely clothes and gorgeous pictures. But I think it was disrespectful to pair Stella McCartney’s silk dress with two fur items. She is a well-known vegetarian who doesn’t use leather or fur in her collections. I am sure there are people who buy her clothes and wear them with both, but highlighting the combination in an editorial piece is insensitive. With all the lovely fake furs out this season it would have been easy to stick with the designer’s cruelty-free policies while still being on trend.


Phinney Ridge

• • •

Way to Pay

I have experienced the pay by iPod at the Bellevue Nordstrom, and it was AH-mazing. (“Retail Rebooted,” July 2011). We were there during the men’s sale and it was a zoo in the shoe department, but as soon as we had our guy and made a decision, it was bing, bang, boom…DONE! One might think that it’s an open invitation for employees to slack off, but with Nordstrom being commission based, I don’t see that happening.

Ashley H.

• • •

Personal Shopper

Rather than having the employee waiting to close the sale (“Retail Rebooted,” July 2011), pay by iPod speeds them up and allows them to also spend a little more time with you—more personal than standing in line at the wrap counter. I love it. Hope more venues embrace this technology.

Deirdre Brownlow (Glamgrrl)

• • •


In the October issue, we described Eddie Bauer’s Kara Koram parka, made in 1958, as the world’s first down jacket to use ripstop nylon as its outer shell. We cannot confirm that it was the world’s first—though it was certainly Eddie Bauer’s first. In the same article, we stated Ed Viesturs was the first climber to summit all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks without using supplemental oxygen. Viesturs was the first American climber to do so, but the fifth in history. Reinhold Messner was the first.

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