No Prude at the Prom

Hooray for a mom not afraid to confront a bunch of teens freak dancing (“Freaked About Freak Dancing" May 2011) More parents need to stand up to kids and stop wanting to be their “friend”; they need adults to set boundaries and standards…. No need to act like animals in heat.
K. H. Hogan
, Portland, Oregon

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Tough Act to Follow

Flipping pages in the car dealership today, awaiting my oil change, I came across your article on Mariners announcers (“Call of the Mild,” April 2011). I nearly jumped out of the faux-leather couch and pumped my fist in the air, because—by golly—now I know I’m not alone.

Your summaries of each broadcaster are spot-on. Love the fawning Dave Henderson and Dave Valle, but the former butchers the simplest of phrases and Valle bores me to tears with his repetitive “observations.” Ron Fairly is bearable and has tenure, while Ken Wilson had me clawing at my ears in a recent series, and not only because of his apparent unfamiliarity with the current ball club. Ken Levine doesn’t begin to fill Dave Niehaus’s shoes, but he is the cream of this somewhat blighted crop. I was prepared to endure this season without the silky baritone smoothness of my youth, but I wasn’t close to prepared for just how precipitous the drop-off was going to be.

On a final note, Rick Rizzs has been exceptional. Despite playing second fiddle all these years, his professionalism and love of both Dave and the Mariners envelop those of us who are coming to grips with the loss of a legend and a wholly forgettable home team.
My Oh Misery, 

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A Life Lost

The shooting death of woodcarver John Williams last August is so sad and a waste of a very gifted man (“The Carver’s Life”, May 2011). The lack of respect for life on the part of the police shows how ignorant they are and a total lack of understanding for those less fortunate brothers and sisters in this world.
Jo Ann Ryan , Ohio

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Old Brews

Bummed about the new article (“The Citizen’s Guide to Seattle Beer”, May 2011). Does it tell beer drinkers stuff they don’t already know? Would’ve liked to see more on new brewers/beer.
Beerblotter, via Twitter

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Brunch Babies

I would never eat somewhere that tried to ban kids from brunch (“Would It Work Here? Brunch Without Brats!” May 2011). Look, I’m the wife of a chef and a restaurant owner; I get it. But a restaurant doesn’t have to become Chuck E. Cheese. It’s possible to be food-forward and kid-friendly, and I think that’s what Seattle restaurant patrons want. It’s not as though we lose our palates once we have kids. Child-free dinners at upscale restaurants promoting a romantic, adult vibe? Sure. But ban kids from brunch? Come on. That’s just stupid (and shortsighted, too, on the part of the restaurant owner).
Chef’s wife and mom, Seattle

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Neither Seen Nor Smelled

When I go to any restaurant, if there are children present and no options for child-free dining, I dine elsewhere (“Would It Work Here? Brunch Without Brats!” May 2011). Parents are to children as cigarette smokers are to their own stink: completely desensitized to the monumental nuisance they carry with them wherever they go. Seattle fine dining establishments: Bring on the adults-only sections and I and my ilk will bring our wallets.
Paul Rosenberg, West Seattle

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You’re Welcome

Your team does such a wonderful job. The blogs are always interesting and the content on the website is very useful. Overall, Seattle Met is my favorite website and magazine for Seattle happenings.
Lydia Ortega, Ballard

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East Coast to Eastside

We relocated from the East Coast to Sammamish—back when it was called the Issaquah Plateau. (“5 Places to Live Next: Where You’ll Want to Be in 2016,” April 2011). Even then, we saw how special this place was. We’ve never regretted our choice. The city council has done a great job offering more events and activities each year, the schools are great with lots of involved parents, and the community is clean and safe.
Glo, via

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Happy Puppy

I applaud your choice of small animal surgeon Russell Patterson ( “Top Vets 2011,” March 2011). My Newfoundland needed hip replacements, and immediately after consulting with Dr. Patterson we knew he was the right surgeon. He is kind, up-front, and talented, which is what you need in any sort of doctor. My dog now runs, jumps, and plays like a crazy little puppy, and I am grateful for it. And I appreciate your inclusion of vets outside the metro Seattle area. Some treatments, either due to a limited number of specialists (e.g., orthopedic surgery, which my dog required) or cost, may require travel.
Erin , via

The name of a choreographer mentioned in the May issue (“On the Town” listings) should have been spelled Christopher Wheeldon, not Weldon.

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